This has taken me all day, I can’t do this, I can’t find the motivation, I want food especially the kind that sticks to my ever-growing hips, oh look a sweet puppy video. Just a few excuses I’ve used since 8am.

God I’m hungary all the time, I don’t care that i’m 14 stone and getting increasingly more lethargic, it’s not like that guy over there is going to check me out or your so-called inner circle of friends who act more like a outer circle of friends really care about my wellbeing.

Well speaking a few years later, I’m still hungry, i’m still 14 stone and i’m still pretty lethargic. That being said I have surrounded myself with a small group of really good friends, people who make you laugh, tell you what’s what and support you to no end. It’s not a massive group and yes there are times I still feel alone because I don’t want to talk about my shit and bring everyone down. I’m the one they come too. Not just friends you know, colleagues, acquaintances, sometimes family. I like to think that I was put on this planet to make everyone smile, listen to their problems and generally take care of everything, whilst deep down i’m screaming. But there’s so many people like me its a trend. The soul of the group but the hope to feel not so alone.

Sorry I’ve lost my train of thought, not a great start. My point is to anyone in life especially youngsters who have thousands of friends on Facebook, do you really have that many true friends? Or is it just someone you met outside a play park when you were like 10 and you’re all grown up now and that boy is the son of your mum’s friend who lives down the street but who you don’t really like, but just so you can add one more friend just to prove to everyone at school that you’re the big shit and you are a social media Goddess or God. Let me tell you now, when you go to Uni but honestly into your first job, nobody gives a FUCK!! But that’s no your fault that’s what you’ve been taught. and you are exposed too, peer pressure ‘you must have this to be cool’. I get being a kid and that’s what they do now, but it really is true, no one cares about numbers in the real world. I care if you aren’t fulfilled though, because there’s so much to truly enjoy out there. Go out into the world, start a job, travel meet REAL people. I’ve learnt more real world shit just from the job’s I’ve had, being polite to a stranger in a shop who admires the same shirt you liked, speaking to a homeless man on the street, than anything i learnt from television.  These youngsters are going to be looking after me one day, but I’m not going to put them down because that’s what society want’s, a label. Millennial, Baby Boomers, Foodies and so on and so forth, trying to divide us and it’s working thus far. I think future generation’s have the opportunity to turn this shit around, stand up and be counted but i want to help them get there first, not be part of the problem. Sidenote i’m 30, i was born in ’87 , everyone hates my generation, I mean really hates it. Past generations have given us no hope, put us down chewed us up and spat us out. I’m just someone who’s taken that real personally and now it’s time to overcome.

Enough now Kanch.

As I speak there are ant’s crawling about my work desk and I’m waiting patiently for a customer to vacate the building. Cause you see it’s been an extra long day for me…. All 3 hours worth, ahh the summer quiet times.

Anyway real talk over.

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