Remember the part in yesterday’s blog were I said that I’d like to impart wisdom, well I do, I just don’t buy into my own advice. It’s easier to give it out and encourage other’s to be better, but if you’re like me the thought of being judged or ridiculed is almost suffocating.

I work with a lot of late teen early twenty something’s and I enjoy their company. I’ve made some lovely friends over the years and some have quite rightly moved on to bigger and better things.

But I was speaking to a friend today and he’s got so much god given marketing and computing talent, but like me he feels paralysed by his peers around him. It makes me sad to hear that, so I did spend a little time trying to encourage him into creating a business or at least taking a course.

Afterwards I couldn’t help but feel like “who the fuck am I” to push him into something he doesn’t feel comfortable doing. Just because I haven’t had the courage or support in the past or maybe the confidence to explore alternatives and create something bigger than myself, who am I to speak.

Maybe I’m just over thinking this, I’m sure he appreciated the support but Id like to bury my head just now. You see it’s more shame on my part, I’ve never fully realised any potential I might have, I’d rather spend the day in bed or sitting in a chair procrastinating or watching everyone else leading the kind of life I want to lead on YouTube. Side note, there are some really great channel’s out there. I’m really enjoying ‘Create and Go’ right now, really insightful content.

So I’ve buried my head for the past few hours and suddenly come to the realisation that I should continue to blog for me, my friend and people who feel the same way, not having the courage, confidence and support that other’s maybe do. We can do it, it’s possible I know it is, I wouldn’t be writing this otherwise.

I personally have to learn to turn my brain off and stop thinking I’m the problem. I need to get out of my own head and start living a little otherwise it will be gone before I know it.

I want to do this for you, I need to this for you and me. You need to know there’s lot’s of us out there and we share a common theme. It shouldn’t be a shame, I want beautiful thinkers and quiet shy anxious men and women to know they can have a voice. Because for some reason more than ever there seems to be legions of us, the world is a different place these day’s, no way are we going to be left behind.




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