Today I got brave, really really brave. I actually linked this blog to my social media pages. Which for someone like me is a massive step, considering I’m not a raging beauty, have thousands of pounds of cash strewn on a bed or a villa in Tuscany. By the way the latter would be amazing.

But really deep down I’m terrified how my friends and family are going to perceive this. It’s from the heart, real, deep and personal. But actually it’s very raw. To them I say: honesty is the best policy, forgive the cheesy line but  I just can’t keep my worries inside anymore it’s just killing me and if sharing my words can possibly help one person who shares the same anxieties and insecurities as me feels worth it. Remember this isn’t for you, it’s not for me either it’s for the greater good.


Why oh why do especially young people think they’re so entitled. Welcome to the real fucking world, if you’re picky about shifts you won’t get anymore, you want to do your dream job straight away at the age of 18 yet you haven’t served an apprenticeship, when did this become a thing? “I want to be a gym instructor” but I’m not willing to put in the work, cause that’s all I see, a lack of fucking work. Ben Francis the creator of Gym Shark didn’t just wake up one day and owning the largest growing business in the UK, and massive warehouse were he stocked his gym wear brand, no he grafted, every day for years until everything clicked. I see so many young people who have so much potential fail because they are completely entitled spoilt brats, no matter what background they’re from. This is a criticism, but it can be easily adjusted, because I don’t want to see young people fail, I want them to be better than I was, they just need guidance. It’s a big world out there and it’s failing a lot of us. I want it to be different. It has to be better than it is…


I heard a peice on BBC radio 4 this morning, talking about people under the age of 25 and the high suicide rate, I was saddened but I wasn’t surprised. I was rushing for work this morning so I will look up the article because it’s an important subject. Life is either a blessing or a burden.

A guy called Brandon Rogers who you may have seen on Facebook, he was the very handsome doctor who sung, really talented. He’d just been on America’s got talent. Well he passed away a month ago. So shocking, so young and he had everything laid out. He did so much in such little time. Life can go by too quick, so maybe it’s worth just giving something a go and not giving a shit about what anybody thinks, becoming more than you thought you could be and bringing something better to someone else’s life.


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  1. Good for you for linking to other pages. Hopefully, they’ll read what you’ve written.
    Yes, the whole entitlement chaps my rear as well. But after bitter disappointment they will learn and eventually find the true path.

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