Truly it differs from day to day. Honestly though most days are a battle, trying my best to get through 24 hours emotionally unscathed would be a unmatched achievement.

What I am finding motivational is doing these blogs everyday. There typically is more to my day but it’s one of the less mundane jobs.


Having a purpose, having an absorbing errand really makes a difference. Anyone out there like me, I encourage you to find something, even if you think you’ll be shit at it, give it a go despite any misgivings. IT MIGHT TURN OUT TO BE THE BEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE.

Then after you’ve found something go out and find yourself a task to go with it. Nothing wrong with having two or three little projects going on, it’s literally working for me. I took on a Open University diploma last year and I’m really enjoying it. I never thought I’d ever want to study again but it’s well worth it.

I think certainly over the past year I’ve started to look at myself more positively and with patience and thought it’s possible for others like me to feel the same. It’s just up to you if you want to take that step. No pressure, just looking out for my fellow hopeful soul.


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