This is a short blog.


Do not and  I mean under any circumstances let your nearest and dearest stop you from what your passionate about. So what if they scoff in your face and say that you’ll never be successful at it, you will if you work and grind. They’re only like this because they aren’t fulfilled.

Take it from me, I have a family like that. Not all of them, but I have taken the step of cutting ties with them. That’s extreme I know but it just got to much. I’m not saying don’t speak to your family ever again, but if your closest relatives are like that, you need to question is it really worth it in the long run.

Just know that you’ve got this and despite what anyone might say or do, you can be a master of your craft. I can say this and it’s easy to say but why not put it into practice, why not? Go create something beautiful and bigger than yourself.



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