All my life I’ve had some kind of negative person or negative comments thrown at me. I think most people do, they’re just better at overcoming them than I me. Well finally today for the first time in 30 years I’ve had enough, so in turn I’ve had one of the most productive day’s that I can remember. Perhaps the good weather helped too I don’t know, by the way I live in Scotland so any beautiful warm day in July is always welcome.

I think I was just pushed too far and instead of retreating into my shell, I strode out with childish endeavour. I feel like a new woman honestly, this might sound pathetic to some but to people like me who are shy, quiet, anxious, depressed it is possible to feel like God has given you that hug you’ve needed for ages and told you ‘go on you’ll be fine, you can do this, I believe in you’. By all means I’m not religious but that’s how uplifted I feel.

I won’t bore you with everything I’ve done today but learning something new, doing some exercise (it’s been a while) and eating relatively healthy has and will continue to make the difference. They say that exercise is good for the soul and up until I was 21 that was so true, notably in the 9 years since stopping most forms of everyday exercise (I exclude walking the dogs) I’ve gained a massive amount of weight, been depressed and picked up one or two unsavoury habits. There’s got to be a connection there.

Don’t worry this isn’t me going to persuade or sell fitness to you, but it’s worth no just thinking about exercise but DOING instead.




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