The last few days have been great, I’ve been very productive and most importantly happy.

But last night everything good faded and I found myself face down wanting everything to end. You can never prepare for when grief hits you, it comes in waves. Mine seem to be 6 months apart oddly.

This year is significant, this year marks twenty years since my Dad died. Most days most weeks I’m fine, but that sudden shot of sadness can be near fatal.

Speaking with a friend whose has been through the same significant loss, helped me in my hour of need. I think speaking to anyone and actually being truthful about your sadness is the best option, it’s not good to keep it all in, it can be a suffocating mess.

Please don’t suffer in silence, the pain will win otherwise.

5 thoughts

  1. Ouch.. a hug for you! Pain is a silent killer, without a doubt. Have seen people breaking.
    I am a little fan of your photography skills. Been here before.

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