It’s amazing when it’s cloudy how small the world seems. It makes no sense but that’s how I perceive it. Where I live we have so many hills  and ever present cloud it feels very confining. Almost suffocating. Everyone is happier when the sun is out, nothing in the world is more certain. Okay maybe not the whole world but certainly in the UK with our bad weather. 

I know why I feel like this, I know today it’s because there’s no hope. But instead of doing nothing about it, I’m going to force myself out the door, go for a run, read a book, learn something new, go to work and phone a friend. Physically I feel the best I’ve been in months, but it’s the long game I’m worried about. By that I mean my mental health in the long run, it’s constantly in a state of flux.

God I long to wake up with no worries whatsoever and to never feel like this again.

I know despite my unhappiness that there are so many people out there who are in worse positions and who don’t have people round them they can reach out too.

So I write this for you, for everyone who feels the walls crumbling down around them. Please don’t give up, please reach out to someone anyone, reach out and be honest.

Reach out to me, I love speaking to new people and I listen better than most. Stay strong, but don’t suffer alone. I’m with you and there’s a army of us that stand with you.


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