It’s always strange to me that the littlest things can set you off.

Usually something very minor can have quite sizemic consequences in your head. I would say I’m hyper sensitive, I’m a total wimp and the epitome of a ‘millennial’ generation. Most other things about me certainly don’t fit into that mould, but truth be told I’m way too sensitive.

Maybe I have had it too easy, surprising considering the strict upbringing I’ve had.
Just little negative comments recently sometimes not even about me have just set me back, but I’ve felt it more, taken it to heart. Seems to be getting worse.

Anyway I did make it through those tough four days without doing anything stupid and have quietly strived ever since, whilst feeling completely helpless.

You know that feeling when you’ve fallen for someone like head over heals that strange pinching in your chest, the tingle you get in your spine, I want to feel that again, maybe the whole in my head can be fixed through the heart.

I’m always a little scared with new relationships, I’m no oil painting and I’ve been hurt before. Cupid at heart really, always love to see others happier than me.


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