I’m going to bash parents, I’m not a parent so if you don’t like what I’m saying then I really couldn’t give a shit.

How can a Father belittle his daughter to the point where she’s actually scared to be reunited after a “Sport” session, not using what it actually was I live in a small Borders town. How could he! My friend and I cheered her up because from what we could see she was doing fine. She was so articulate when she said her father had told her she wasn’t putting any effort in and he wasn’t happy, so we gave a spare medal we had and made a fuss, he got cross because she started crying and it took all my strength not to get involved. This little girl was nothing but polite, well mannered and no sign that she a spoiled little princess .

I get that kids are treated like little cherubs now (well I don’t) and they’re never told off (which is pure bullshit)  but this was way to far.

I grew up with heavy discipline (although I’d imagine certain people in my family would disagree) my Mum even now is a force to be reckoned with. But I’ve turned out not to bad, especially personality wise. I was never very confident at anything, still not but it’s okay. She’s done a few unsavoury things once or twice especially if she’s had a drink and that hasn’t been much fun, but I would never accuse her of that kind of mental bashing. She can be mean, but you do get to a point were you just had enough.

I hope that little girl will be okay, I’m sure she will and unlike me get away as quickly as possible away from a negative parent. Sometimes being too harsh and not being even a little attentive can ruin you, believe me there’s benign neglect then there’s just being a mentally debilitating parent!

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