How many times can you be told that ‘you can’t do this’ ?

Personally I’ve been told that more times than I’ve been alive. You hear successful people say that they’ve been put down, laughed at for having an idea or a dream that they want to pursue, come out the other side of it.

It’s not a modern phenomenon, I mean this has been happening for generations. The thing is we just didn’t talk about it. Remember we do live in an era that we’re to talk about our feelings, I believe there are times you need to talk, but the problem is people seem to express it every minute of everyday through social media.

Sometimes things need to be left unsaid.

You know it’s weird I still don’t know what to do, I’m 30. But anytime I have a good thought there’s always someone there to piss on it. They even make sure and bring you down put you in your useless, meaningless, limp existence, torchered place.
Don’t live in your head like me, try not to be a pussy like me. Who honestly gives a fuck what anyone else says, go out and live. Advice for everyone, don’t be me. Don’t be afraid to fail, I think failure makes you better. You need to learn to lose to win at life, makes you humble too!


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