Hi my name is Kanchana.

I’m not an expert on anything really, I don’t lead a truly exciting life or drive the latest Lamborghini but I do have a lot of life experience which I’d like to impart on the world. I think now more than ever, the world is crying out for positivity versus negativity. Whilst this is me trying to give a little wisdom, I also have a story to tell.

We’re constantly exposed to so much cynicism that there are many people out there including myself who feel it deeply, constantly wanting to change our train of thought, but feeling completely anxious and alone. I want to do more, not for myself but for the people I believe in and the world they live in. But the struggle to get out of bed in the morning is real, especially when you live in a toxic atmosphere. That for others can mean a numbers of things, but I do believe we can overcome and be the best version of ourselves. But boy oh boy God didn’t give us a ‘how to live a truly fulfilling generous happy life’ manual at the start or even a cheat sheet just to make it a little bit easier, just a little.

Everyone is writing a blog now, so why not, give a little wisdom, soothe the soul, speak the truth and hope for the best.

I hope anyone who reads this can take something away from it and it can be a source of comfort, reassurance and you yes you who can’t be bothered to; get out of bed, brush your teeth, change your underwear. Who can’t think a good thought about today, who feels their world is coming down brick by brick, that every negative thing is a giant pin prick on the brain. I get you, I know you, I am you. You’re aren’t the only one out there, believe me.

Also enjoy the photography along the way and if you enjoy it please go over to my Instagram page.

All the best



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